Hello everybody. My name is Jeff Arthur with the Values Conversation, here today to talk about Abraham. Now, after Noah and everything is reestablished along the way, after several years again, we have a guy who is singled out, and his name is Abraham. He’s actually called the father of faith, because it was counted to him as righteousness what his obedience was. God comes to Abraham and says He wants him to go to a distant land, and Abraham had never been there. And his faith is evident, and his connection with God and that relationship is evident, because he packs up his family and leaves.

Now you’ve got to understand that for that to happen, that’s a major undertaking, because Abraham was extremely wealthy. It wasn’t like hopping on a plane and going to do whatever. He’s moving herds of animals, he’s moving hundreds of servants, he’s moving all these people. It’s an incredible situation. He’s going to move them to the promised land, the land that is promised to him, and as God talks to him, and we’ll talk about this in the upcoming videos, about his descendants, even though he had no children at the time.

The thing to recognize, again, is that God had a plan. The plan was always that He was going to love us more than we loved Him, that He was going to take care of us. He was going to provide for us, and He was going to give us examples of people who served Him throughout humanity, so that we knew how to come back and fall on our knees and say, “Thank you, God.” He loved us. He wants us to love Him. It’s a love story.

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