Organizational Development

Our process starts with an assessment of your current situation, opportunities for improvement and realistic goals we can help you achieve. We approach with fresh eyes, creativity and a clear picture of how personal growth can equal organizational success.

Leadership & Coaching

Unleash your team’s potential by strengthening your leaders. The Values Conversation is a powerful way to align your leaders with your organization. Our coaching model develops a leader’s personal Vision, Mission, Performance Statement and Values. Understanding how they fit and serve according to their gifts is the key to success.

Coach Training

The Values Conversation is the foundation for our Coach Training. We train people who wish to help others find their greatest potential. Our trainees have included executives, business owners, Human Resources professionals and full-time executive and personal coaches. Our approach is one-size-fits-one, and we will tailor our training based on where you are and where you want to go.

Mission Statement: We facilitate values-based growth and development, by providing insight, expertise, and discernment throughout the discovery process.

Our Values: honor, excellence, acceptance, collaboration, discernment, trustworthiness

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THE VALUES CONVERSATION – Leadership Paperback

Jeff Arthur is the founder and creator of The Values Conversation.  Backed by a team of trained and certified coaches and consultants, The Values Conversation is a tool that facilitates values-based growth and development that helps people gain personal congruency as they learn more about what they value and who they are from those values on a personal, professional and relationship level.

Whether you’re an up and-comer or a seasoned veteran, THE VALUES CONVERSATION: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT provides insight and inspiration for leaders facing both the everyday and the extraordinary challenges that arise in the organizations in their charge, while still maintaining balance among the competing priorities in their lives.

Easy to read, easy to reference, and easy to apply, whether you read it all at once in one sitting or treat is as a “daily thought” and focus on only a page a day, THE VALUES CONVERSATION: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT helps you solidify your leadership foundation—the rock upon which everything else you do will be built.

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