Hi there folks. My name is Jeff Arthur from The Values Conversation, here today to talk about Noah. As we’re going through and looking at some highlights in the Old Testament, and again this is really all in the book of Genesis where it all began, you gotta great story about a guy by the name of Noah. We’ve heard different stories, different things about Noah. We’ve seen the movies with Steve Carell and all the different things. We’ve seen all that stuff. We understand the story, but I want you to recognize this. The reason the story began, and the reason the story exists is because people out on their own had become so corrupt that God got sick of it. It actually made God sick.

He takes one family, says I’m gonna start over. What he started with Adam and Eve, within again centuries, he’s ready to start over again with another family. Takes Noah, his family, takes at least two of every animal, puts them on a boat. What’s interesting about that is always remember, while Noah built the ark, while Noah put everybody together and watched over everything and was there, animals came to him and all that kind of stuff. Never, ever, ever forget that the door on the ark was closed not by Noah but by God. It was God’s hand who reached down and lifted up that door and closed the door to the ark as the floods began. To save them. To save us.

There’s always consequences to what we do. Thank God we have a Savior who takes care of things now. But understand it’s a love story about God wanting us to choose Him and love Him, just as He loves us.

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