Hi there, my name is Jeff Arthur, with the Values Conversation here today talking with you about the next step in the biblical stories of Cain and Able. What’s interesting is that there’s not that many humans on the planet, as in there’s one family. Got two brothers and they bring offerings to God. One is accepted and one is rejected.

Now, there’s all kinds of speculation about why that is. Cain brought produce as an offering. Able brought animal sacrifice. And there’s all kinds of scholars that will tell you that that’s the difference, and perhaps it would have been. But when you look at Hebrews Chapter 11, it cross references back to this and it simply says that one was brought in faith.

In other words, Able, he came to God, to worship. Not because he had to but because he wanted to. Cain came because he was told. Again there’s a difference. Choose the love. Choose the love, or simply go through the motions. And what’s very interesting is that with Cain and Able, you have such anger and such jealousy that the one brother killed the other.

Amazing. Amazing that there’s so much anger that can rise up in us. But understand that’s the way God created us. He’s not going to be surprised whenever we have emotional struggles also. It’s about choosing him and loving him anyway. Just as God loves us. My name is Jeff Arthur with was Values Conversation. You can find out more about us online at