Hi there, my name is Jeff Arthur with a values conversation. Here today to talk to us about how great God is. I suspect if you’re familiar with the Christian faith, you’re familiar with one of the most favorite hymns of all time, How Great Thou Art. It’s especially very important and very special to me and my family because our mother was part of a quartet in her day that actually, back in the 60s, 70s, they were very well known in the little area that we grew up in. They actually did radio shows and did concerts and different things. The thing about them was, one of their signature songs that they sang was How Great Thou Art. My mom passed away a couple of years ago and we discovered a reel-to-reel recording of that quartet singing How Great Thou Art. We played it at the funeral. Because of that quartet she was the last one remaining, and whenever she passed and the families of those other people involved in the quartet, they were all there and we all got to hear them sing together one last time.

My point to all that is this, our mother passed on that legacy of how great God is. Not only through her example. Not only through the way she raised us children, but through her singing and the legacy to make sure we understand how great God is. If you’re familiar with the Christian faith and you know that hymn, I would encourage you today to Google it, do something. Pull it up on your iPad, iPod, your computer and listen to it again and learn again and be reminded again of how great of a God we serve. My name is Jeff Arthur with the values conversation. You can find out more about us online at