Hi there, my name is Jeff Arthur with the values’ conversation. Here today to talk to us about what do we really want. It’s a very interesting situation. In Luke chapter 18, we’re told about Jesus Christ and how he is encountered by a blind man. The crowds fight him back. They don’t want him to get involved. They don’t want him to be a bother. They don’t want him to be something that Jesus has to deal with, and he continues to persist. When he finally gets to Christ, the blind man gets to Christ. Jesus says to him, “What is it that you want me to do for you?” That sounds ridiculous. He’s blind. He’s been fighting the crowds to get to Jesus. You would think that the answer would be obvious. Why would Jesus ask such an obvious question. I don’t know.

If you and I stood before Christ right now, with all the things going on in our life, could you be able to identify what’s the thing that you want Christ to do for us? Because we don’t know what else is going on in this man’s life. While that sounds obvious that the blindness would be the thing he would want healed, there might have been something else, or maybe nothing. We don’t know. We do know that Christ asked him the key question, “What is it you want me to do?” What can I do for you? What is it that you bring before God Almighty in the flesh and ask of him? His answer was going to be his expression of faith. The blind man asked for his sight. Jesus told him, “Because of your faith, you’re healed.”

I wonder, and I repeat, if we stood before God today, do you know what it is that you would ask God to help you with today? Food for thought. My name is Jeff Arthur, with the values’ conversation. You can find out more about us on Facebook at