Hello, everybody. My name is Jeff Arthur with the Values Conversation, here today to talk to us about being okay to be upset and be mad at God. It’s very interesting to me. Being in the ministry for 30 years and being a Christian for, seemed like forever in my life, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people talk about how they know it’s not okay to question God or they know it’s not okay to get upset. They know it’s not okay to … fill-in-the-blank, and the truth of the matter is that, yes it is.

Somehow we forget, we were created by God. He created us emotional creatures. He’s fully aware that we can lose our temper and say things we don’t want to say. He’s fully aware that we can be completely unreasonable and fly off the handle and be complete idiots. He’s completely aware we can do that, and he’s completely aware that we can do that with him. In actuality, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because if you think about it, who do we get upset at the most? Who do you fly off the handle the most? Who do we have problems with the most? The people that are closest to us.

If I have that relationship with God, he’s going to understand, “Oh my gosh, Jeff’s having a bad day and he took it out on me and I’m going to love Jeff even more.” That’s what people do and God’s going to do it perfectly. Do we want to make that a natural, ongoing habit? No, we need to learn to curb ourselves a little bit from time to time, but don’t start getting upset at yourself. If you’re struggling and questioning God and being God, that’s part of being in a relationship, and that’s what God wants. That was the whole reason for Jesus Christ.

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