Hi, there, my name is Jeff Arthur with the values conversation. Here today to talk about resting and taking a breath as a leader. Now for most of us, this goes counterintuitive to what we think about because we just keep pushing and pushing and pushing and yet, the truth of the matter is if we don’t stop and replenish or recharge, we’re in trouble. I don’t know of a leader that I ever met that doesn’t struggle with this somehow. Because we don’t know when to quit. We’re trying to do the next thing. We’re trying to get the next project done. We’re trying to put out the next fire. We’re trying to help the next person, we’re trying to … whatever that is, you fill in the blank. But we don’t take time for ourselves.

A lot of times as the leader we don’t take time for the family. A lot of times as a leader, we don’t take time for the children. A lot of times as a leader, you can fill in the blank, but we don’t always take care of ourselves, the family, the people that are closest to us because we’re out trying to take care of everything else.

I want to encourage you today to stop. Take a breath. Relax and understand that if you go down all those things that you think are so important, they’re not going to get done, they’re not going to happen like you want them to. If you’re the person for that job, then you have to take care of yourself to get where you want to be with stuff.

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