Hi there. My name is Jeff Arthur with the Values Conversation here today to talk about pushing yourself with the talent you already have. Now, if you’re a leader somewhere, let’s assume, for the sake of this video, that you have some talent. Fair enough? That you’re talented. You’re a talented individual that’s learned how to do stuff and get better at it and whatever, but people have recognized, “Man, you’re very good at this. I want you to come over here and do this for me. Or do that for me,” Or whatever. The problem with being talented is that a lot of times, people who are talented can start to coast. I find the thing I want to do. Well this is as far as I want to go. Well, I’m pretty comfortable right here. I’m making enough money to do this, and whatever, and we start to kind of level off instead of keep pushing ourselves.

I want to encourage you and I both to keep growing, to keep pushing ourselves. If we have the talent then figure out how to push the envelop so that more of that talent shines. One of the best ways to do that. Who do you know in your particular field that is very good that you would say is farther along in the journey than you? Have you developed a relationship with them? Are you learning from them? Have you asked them how they got where they’re at? What mistakes they made? Things they could have done better. Whenever we step back, and we recognize how we can learn from people that have already made those mistakes, already learned those lessons, it allows us to develop and use and accentuate our talents even more.

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