Hi there. My name is Jeff Arthur with The Values Conversation. Here today to talk to you about making sure that your people know you appreciate them. It is so important to understand in our society, more than ever before, the need to appreciate and reward the people that are on your team. That sounds maybe a little remedial, but it is so important across the board to understand that whenever people do a good job, you want to make sure that you know, you want to make sure they know that you appreciate the work that they did, and that you want to reward stuff along the way.

A lot of times, people just excuse this away and think, “Well, I’ll just give them a bonus. Everybody wants money.” Sure, everybody can use more money, but it’s important to know your people and to know what it is that really connects with them. Maybe it is more money, but maybe public recognition shows them the most that you care about them. Maybe more time off. Maybe that’s how they hear that you really care about them. Maybe it’s one on one, personal time with you, the leader, where you’re telling them and giving them those attaboys or attagirls and really appreciate what you did and giving them that one on one time where they feel even more valued.

People have different areas that they hear that they’re appreciated from. Know who your people are and know what it is that they are really going to appreciate when you say, “Thank you.”

My name is Jeff Arthur with The Values Conversation. You can find out more us online at