Core Values Exercise Form

  • Instructions for the Core Values Exercise:

    Answer the questions in this exercise through the lens of looking at yourself as a person, not through the lens of work or other relationships. We want to know about you.

    Identify how important each value is to you and then click on the “extremely important”, “somewhat important”, “not important” buttons. There is no judgment of the answers. You cannot fill this out wrong.

    And remember, we are not asking you how well you fulfill or achieve the value, just how important it is to you.

    When you get to the bottom of the page, we want you to narrow the answers from the “extremely important” column, and the “extremely important” column only, and identify the top four values for your life on a personal level, in the business world and in your close relationships.

    You can use a value more than once if you identify one that is important to you in two or three categories. For example “responsibility” might be one you use in your personal life category and in the business world.

    Most importantly: For your personal values category….we want you to identify the top four values for you the person. Not father, mother, son, daughter, employee, significant other, neighbor, etc. Before all those relationships or responsibilities there was a human being. We want that human being’s top four personal values. We want to know about you, the person.

    Thank you.

  • Take a few minutes to read through the entire list of values, then mark their relative importance to you. There are no right or wrong answers, and this list doesn't describe the entire universe of values that define people.
  • attaining or accomplishing a set task
  • moving forward, improving in standing
  • seeking unexplored areas of life
  • having a style or look that is pleasing
  • having a place of influence or power
  • feeling connected to someone or something
  • taking on a difficult or stimulating task
  • imparting thoughts, ideas or opinions
  • having sufficient skills or knowledge
  • general agreement or harmony
  • ability to face difficulty, danger or pain
  • transcending traditional ideas, patterns
  • being accepting and supportive of leadership
  • self-respectful, noble
  • tactfully dealing with people
  • respectful of one's conditions or surroundings
  • outstanding quality, remarkably good
  • having skill, knowledge or know-how
  • balancing the needs of all, forthright
  • strong allegiance to one's close circle
  • to grant pardon or remission of an offense
  • affection, personal regard for another
  • being vigorous, free from illness
  • sharing energy and knowledge to assist
  • to be truthful, sincere and upright
  • distinguished, highly respectful, dignified
  • what is wanted can be had or accomplished
  • modest, courteous, respectful
  • to feel complete and at peace with one's self
  • adhering to moral or ethical principles
  • closely sharing and loving without reservation
  • great delight, keen pleasure
  • being guided by truth and fairness
  • benevolent, considerate or helpful
  • understanding of facts, truths or principles
  • being faithful to commitments and people
  • unguarded and accepting of new ideas
  • pleasingly orderly and clean
  • a state of internal harmony
  • steady persistence in spite of obstacles
  • positively growing and adapting
  • fun, humorous, frolicking
  • enjoyment, satisfaction, being gratified
  • translating one's will into others' actions
  • successful, thriving, well off
  • innocent, free from ulterior motives
  • being reasonable and sensible
  • to be acknowledged for achievement
  • being polite, honoring with one's actions
  • accountable, accomplish obligations
  • to feel safe, secure or protected
  • to accept and approve of one's self
  • to control or restrain one's actions
  • easy to deal with or understand
  • spiritually developing and learning
  • being permanent, firm, steadfast
  • cooperative effort for a common cause
  • accepting of differences without judgment
  • long established way of thinking or acting
  • being dependable, reliable and honest
  • affection and acceptance with no limits
  • knowledge mixed with experience
  • Now that you have determined how important each value is to you, out of the “extremely important” column, select the top 4 values for you as an individual, in the business world, and in your close relationships. Remember, we want you to select your top 4 values for you as a person, as a human being, in the individual value category. Values can repeat across the different aspects of your life.